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The tables and dealers we provide are the same ones you’ll find at the finest casinos in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. We provide our clients with the most realistic and authentic Casino Nights in the industry.

Blackjack Tables
Black Jack Table
Each table features a digital synthetic layout, a padded armrest with a leather-like finish, and a built-in chip tray. The table measures 7′ (l) x 3′ 8″ (w) x 3′ 6″ (h).

Texas Hold’em Poker Tables


Our unique and elegant Texas Hold’em Poker Tables feature a plexi-glass center portion that allows for custom branding, a casino grade felt playing surface and leather-like black padded arm rest. Each table measures 3’10” (w) x 7’11” (l) x 2’6″ (h)

Roulette Tables

Roulette Table
Our roulette table comes complete with a synthetic digital quality layout and high quality bases for easy set-up. These roulette tables are ideal for any size of Casino event. The tables are 8′ (l) x 4′ (w) x 2′ 6″ (h) and can also be used as a double roulette table. Its high class appearance is complemented by a Las Vegas quality wood roulette wheel.

Craps Tables

Craps Table
Our beautiful wooden craps tables have been custom built to the highest standards of quality. They feature a finished wooden frame and legs, padded felt upholstery, a synthetic digital quality layout plus rail-rubber-topped walls surrounding the playing surface. The official length tables measure 4′ 2″ (w) x 15′ 2″ (l) x 3′ 4″ (h), but we do offer various sizes.